Creative Writing Club


The Creative Writing Club is a new club at the start of its second year. It was approved by Mr. Casas last spring and again by Mrs. Harris this fall. 

This club creates a place for students like Julius Martinez, an 11th grader, to grow in their writing. He said, “I like being able to write with others there as support and giving helpful opinions on my writing, making me a better and more open writer.” 

Ms. Teague, a sophomore English teacher, is the club’s sponsor. She hosts the club in her classroom. She lightly instructs, edits, and supports all of the club’s members’ works in progress. She said, “I love that we have this club now. When I was in high school, I wanted to write books, but we didn’t have any creative writing classes or clubs to guide me through that process. The club here is perfect for anyone who wants to learn from and help fellow writers.” 

It cannot go unsaid, however, that the club’s overwhelming majority is juniors. This is because when Ms. Teague started the club, she only introduced it to her sophomore classes. Even so, the club is looking to attract students from every grade level. 

The small club is open to everybody who feels the call to write and has the courage to apply themselves through making a commitment to write for an hour once a week. 

Creative Writing Club meets regularly after school on Thursdays until five o’clock, but club members are welcome to come anytime during tutoring times if they are in need of writing with a Chromebook. 

In Creative Writing Club, members don’t have to be afraid of judgment and are able to share their writing freely. Jamie Bailey, a junior, said, “I really like writing club because it has given me the opportunity to not only get more comfortable with sharing my writing, but it also gave me a support group with people who understand me better than most.”

Additionally, this club provides opportunity to enter writing contests. Three club members submitted a 300 to 500 word synopsis and a 9,000-14,000 word excerpt from their novels-in-progress to the Fresh Ink Fiction Contest over the summer, and the results will be out sometime next month.  

Creative Writing Club is similar to a supportive family. Junior McKayla Gates said, “The ability to feel supported and have the resources to get advice on my writing keeps me motivated to be an active member. It’s a family, and that’s what separates it from other clubs.” 

This club is new, fun, and filled with caring and creative individuals. From horror to romance, sci-fi to mythology, and supernatural to dystopian, Creative Writing Club is a home for all.