The coffee shop spill


Carolina Franco

The now-vacant Indian Grounds.

Danielle Hulse, Staff Writer

Despite rumors to the contrary, WHS administration has confirmed that Indian Grounds, the campus coffee shop, has been shuttered indefinitely.

“It’s closed all year,” assistant principal Randall Buck said.

If you walk by it now, you will see a dark, empty room with cleared shelves, much to the dismay and anger of the student body.

“I’m very mad about it because they opened it just for them to shut it down the next year,” said junior Taylor Warren. “It’s disappointing.”

It’s disappointing.

— Taylor Warren

“I feel like if they were to close it they should have done it earlier, because we just got our hopes up just to use it the first year,” said junior Ryan Cook.

on the other hand, teachers are quite happy to not see cups in their classrooms.

“Honestly, I think it’s a good thing,” said librarian Darlene Bann. “It’s better for kids to get to class on time than worry about coffee.”

There are no plans to reopen the coffee shop, but some members of WHS administration are in favor of a reopening if students can demonstrate responsibility.

“I’d be in support of it being open if it could be managed properly,” assistant principal Matt Queen said. “I think it would be great… If it was located in the cafe. It was in kind of a bad location.”