Girls tennis off to a roaring start

The WHS varsity girls tennis team has rolled to their best start in 10 years this season. As of Tuesday’s matches, the Lady Indians’ record stood at 31-0.

“The girls have worked so hard this year, especially during the summer offseason,” tennis coach Kit Alford said.“We are in a super good district, so the competition is super tough this year. All that makes the girls’ winning streak even more impressive.’’ 

The team does not only have a perfect record in match season – sophomore Alexis Perez and junior Landri Kirk went undefeated in their preseason matches. 

“This is my first year on varsity, so I wasn’t expecting to go undefeated,” Perez said. “I worked so hard this summer, and it really paid off.”

“I am the number one ranked girl in Waxahachie, but it did not come easily,” Kirk said. “I have played since seventh grade and been super dedicated ever since.”

The team has also become close friends this year. 

“Out of all the years I’ve been coaching, this group has been the closest,” Alford said. “We went to go eat after our match in Rowlett, and everyone sat together. I’ve never seen that before.”

Many of the girls are not only good at tennis, but they also love it. 

“I enjoy tennis because it is something outside of school that helps me relieve stress,” Perez said. “When I’m on the court, I don’t have to worry about anything. I can be aggressive if I want to be. I can be myself.”