New fee, new foe


Zoe James

The new WHS parking pass, as seen in the student parking lot.

Parking passes are a hot topic of discussion here at Waxahachie High. As the weeks go by, admin are pressing for students to obtain a sticker for their car. With the new $20 fee being sprung on students, many questions remain unanswered. Numerous students wonder what the money for the pass is going to and what the overall purpose of them is. 

Officer Belvis Nolan explained, “Parking passes are necessary for various reasons, including students’ welfare and safety.”

Parking passes are necessary for various reasons.

— Officer Belvis Nolan

In the event of an accident on school property, it’s necessary for administrators to make sure all students cars are properly insured and registered. Having the parking passes and records on file also make it easy to locate which students car is which in case of an emergency. 

While the parking passes may be beneficial, the cost is still something students don’t quite understand. A large variety of students have many things to buy for school and the new fee for parking passes is just another cost to add to students’ tight budget. 

Senior Jenna Schmidt said, “I was surprised that it was $20, because we hadn’t been told about the cost until it was time to get them.” 

The cost isn’t something that’s highly advertised and, as it is a new policy this year, many students have put off buying one. 

Senior Olivia Schaefer said, “I haven’t gotten a pass yet and I don’t think they’re necessary. I paid enough for my car and even though it’s only $20, I shouldn’t have to pay to park at my own school.”

I haven’t gotten a pass yet and I don’t think they’re necessary.

— senior Olivia Schaefer

The $20 for the passes is going back to benefit the school, however.

Assistant Supervisor of Finances Ryan Kahlden explained, “These funds are deposited into the general fund and can be used for any purpose. No specific purpose has been designated at this time.” 

Since the funds can be used for any purpose, any dire needs of the school can be covered by these general funds, which can be beneficial to all students.

Whether or not the passes are agreed upon between students and staff, administrators continue to press for the yellow stickers to be on every student’s car. Eventually, the parking lot will be a sea of bright stickers, and the price will be nothing but normal in the years to come.