Disney+ should not over price new released movies

Disney+ should not over price new released movies

Recently Disney+ has released a movie called Mulan. The thing is, if you want to watch Mulan, you have to pay extra than the regular Disney+ subscription. The regular subscription is $6.99 a month, however, if you would wanna watch a premier movie like Mulan, it would cost an extra $29.99.

The reason I wrote this piece is to say my opinion on the subject because, to me, it is unfair to the consumer. People with the Disney+ subscription are already paying  $7 a month, and then they find out that there is another $30 subscription to watch a single movie. 

It is like getting a phone. For example, the new iPhone 12 it’s coming out soon, and I bet that every teenager would want to buy that phone. Let’s say that my parents got it for me right now, and it cost around $700 to $1400, without incorporating the sales tax. In less than six to nine months, the price of that phone will most certainly drop, maybe even a few less months. The thing I can not wrap my head around is that it is the same phone- same screen, same features, etc- but it is at a different price.     

With Mulan, the amount charged for the “premier access” is going to decrease eventually, or the movie is going to be added to the regular subscription, a regular movie. It is gonna be a “regular movie” because all the attention is going to go to different, newer movies and the more recent movies are going to be premiered.

Additionally, Mulan could have been $7 in the movie theater the day it premiered without everything being shut down. For Disney+ to be adding $20 more, I think it is simply overpriced. No one should have to pay that much to watch a movie that they could have seen at a movie theatre for way less cash. 

The money that Disney+ is charging to watch one movie, in general, is too much. It was probably a good movie, maybe it was not. However, it should be up to the watcher if they would want to pay an extra $29.99.