Opening week of the NFL sees Dallas fall to LA


Jadyn Thomas, Staff Writer

The Dallas Cowboys faced the Los Angeles Rams Sunday night in Los Angeles. The game got to a slow defensive start for Dallas. It did not seem to get much better throughout the rest of the game, even while forcing an interception late in the 3rd.

There are a lot of questions to be answered regarding as to why Cowboy’s coach Mike McCarthy decided to gamble and go for a crucial fourth and three in the red zone. Trailing 17-20 late in the fourth, the Cowboys had one more chance to either tie or take the lead. Quarterback Dak Prescott seemed to answer the prayers of Cowboys fans when he dropped back and threw a bomb to receiver Micheal Gallup, landing the Cowboys very far in Rams territory.

Unfortunately for the Cowboys, there was a controversial pass interference call on Micheal Gallup, making the Cowboys chances at winning very unlikely. The Cowboys fall to 0-1 on the season, with the Rams falling to 1-0. Next week, the Cowboys will face the Atlanta Falcons, who are also 0-1, at the AT&T Stadium at 12pm CT.