Jr. 1st Lieutenant, Somer Clark!


Becoming an officer in Charmers was something that Junior Somer Clark thought to be impossible. Little did she know, she would be dancing strut out as Jr. 1st Lieutenant for the 2020-2021 school year! She tried out for the high school’s drill team, the Cherokee Charmers, her freshman year, and made the team.

However, she has gone through many hardships to be where she is now. “I remember having to do a lot of it on my own,” Clark says, “without really being able to ask questions.” Clark and the rest of the girls had to adjust to online tryouts due to the pandemic.

One task she had to complete for tryouts involved writing and performing her very own dance routine. “I had to watch a lot of videos for working on different technique skills,” Clark says. “Finding out which count goes with what movement required some critical thinking and lots of writing.”

Clark claims it was a very frustrating process, but it paid off in the end. She can not wait to hold that green tasseled baton while wearing her sequined white costume on the field!