Isabella Beaza


When Isabella Beaza first saw the WHS band perform “Panache” last year under those bright stadium lights, her eyes went directly to the ladies wearing bright orange and blue outfits as they skillfully threw colorful flags. From that point forward, she knew she wanted to join them on that field.

Isabella Beaza watched her older sister and the Colorguard during that performance. She wanted to join the band with her sister in order to be more productive.

“I saw the guard on the field and just thought it was really pretty and looked fun,” Isabella said, “It made me want to join.”

Beaza went on and practiced with a member of the guard as much as she could, and she made it. She is one of the three freshman girls in Colorguard now, and she is spinning her flags along with everyone else. She is very excited about the upcoming marching season and preforming the new show “Cosmic Renewal.” Although she is a bit scared to get hit by her flag, she keeps trying.

After high school, Beaza plans to go to college and then open a business with her sister. Family and education are driving forces in her life.