Dominguez is ready to bounce back


Landon Gilmore, Staff Writer

When Bryan Dominguez came across a one on one challenge with the goalie, the outcome of it was a massive knee injury. The first thing that came to his mind was whether or not he broke his leg.

Dominguez has had injuries in the past. However, they were only small injuries. For example, he has had a rolled ankle and recovered from it within two weeks. Dominguez knew this injury was going to take some time to heal. He expects to be out for two months.

Dominguez limped everywhere he went, and then, he bought a knee brace to support the pressure on the knee and help him walk efficiently. He has been doing basic exercises to help get his strength back.

With five years of soccer playing experience, Dominguez is on two different soccer teams. he plays high school soccer and club soccer. Dominguez plays midfielder for both WHS varsity and for his club team.

”Soccer keeps me distracted from all the negative things in life,” Dominguez said,” It keeps me focused and allows me to look forward to something.”

After high school, Dominguez does not plan on playing soccer after high school. After he graduates, Dominguez plans on becoming an electrician or a firefighter.