Christensen finds the spotlight


Nancy Duarte, Staff Writer

In the past years, Waxahachie High School enrollment has increased significantly as well as the number of students who sign up for Fine Art classes such as Black Box and Musical Theatre. Remi Christensen is currently a junior at WHS involved in Black Box. After high school, Christensen plans to become a lawyer.

Christensen was put into a theatre class by accident in seventh grade, which turned out to be the best mistake of her life. She landed a role in the school performance, despite it being her first year in it. She has stuck with it ever since.

Christensen prefers Black Box because she likes how close the audience is. It makes the performance feel more personal. When asked what her favorite production was, Remi instantly said, “Swamp Gas,” as it was one of the most eccentric and enjoyable productions of her sophomore year.

A playwriting show she hopes to star in before she graduates is Vincent, Un Vie. Vincent, Un Vie was initially supposed to happen last year, but it was unfortunately put off because of COVID. 

When asked for a few words about Remi and her actor’s craft, Cadence Simpson, a  fellow co-star and friend of Remi, said, “ I love Remi! She is such a sweet girl, and she’s a great friend to have. She helps a lot with the underclassmen and always makes them feel accepted and like they have a place. She’s super talented and doesn’t always realize it. She is also always on top of things and always down to help others.”

Christensen has one of the most distinct styles. She only wears pink! Her style gives a new meaning to Pink Ladies from Grease. All of her outfits consist of pink tops, ranging from the lightest to darkest shades, and pink shoes to compliment it. When prompted, Christensen said, “Pink is fun and girly, and I want to resemble a knock-off Barbie.”

When asked if she would ever consider an acting career if she didn’t get into law school, Christensen said,“ No, I feel like acting is a bad job unless you’re famous, so if I don’t get into law school, I want to go into advertising.”