Zavala transitions into Hachie nation


Karen Rodriguez, Staff profile

When Jacob Zavala first heard he was moving, he was disappointed and upset about him leaving his hometown, Mesquite. He had to say goodbye to all his old friends, and all of his former teachers were going to be missed.

When Zavala first walked into WHS, he felt excited to start a brand new year. He knew that it was going to be a good year. 

Zavala, through the month, made a lot of friends. He found a good, close-knit friend group, like the one he had in Mesquite. However, they were nothing like his friends in Mesquite, but he became close to them regardless.

“Walking my first step to Waxahachie High School has changed my prospect in school. I’ve pushed myself every day, so I can do better for myself and make my parents proud,” Zavala said.

Throughout his two years at Waxahachie High School, Zavala has not joined any sports or club. However, that does not really matter to him. Zavala prioritizes education as well as helping others. He tries his best to make other people feel like a part of a group. He may come off as a little rude, but he is actually a really nice person, who just needs a chance.

Zavala plans on doing his best and giving it all while in school. He usually has homework, but he finishes most of it at school. In his free time, he watches Netflix, attends games, and hangs out with his friends.