Junior with a selfless heart

Chaela McHugh, Staff Writer

Brendon Romo has been in the Waxahachie Independent School District for almost all of his educational career, and this year he is a junior. Many of his close friends can vouch that he is selfless and charismatic, which shows here at the high school.

“Brendon is one of the nicest guys I have ever met! He’s able to keep a good conversation going,” said Mira Bhakta, a close friend of Romo since freshman year.

Romo has been involved in the Interact Club, a community service club that participates in purposeful service projects, since his freshman year. He enjoys helping his community, especially since he has been here for the majority of his life.

I grew up here. It shaped me into the kind of person I am today.”

— Brendon Romo

Not only did the bustling, yet beautiful, city of Waxahachie influence his character, but Romo said his extracurricular activities did, too. Romo’s favorite activity he played a part in during Interact was Kids Against Hunger, which was a program that made meal packages to provide meals for starving children across the globe. He said that the event had a friendly competition to see which group could create the most meal bags, and even though his group table did not win, he still had a great time.

Romo knew early on that he wanted to be an architect. He said, “I want to be able to build and design my own home when I am older. I want to build my parent’s house, too.”

He is involved in the construction course provided at Waxahachie High School to help boost his knowledge in construction and to better prepare for future jobs. He was also involved in technical, building sets for school plays. Although he is not taking the class this year, he still enjoyed doing it.

Apart from extracurricular activities for school, Romo’s hobbies include hanging out with his friends and visiting new places.