Freshmen Hits Her Way Into Varsity Tennis


Maven Navarro, Copy Editor

For many students this summer, when the sun was rising, they were still sleeping the day away in their beds. However, not freshman Carli Reames. She was busy turning her goal of being on varsity tennis into a reality. Reames is currently the only freshman on the varsity team.

“I tried to get up and run every morning this summer,” Reames said. “I knew running would help me be able to get to the ball quicker and ultimately be able to beat more opponents.”

Reames took two private lessons a week this summer in order to improve her game. During these lessons, she worked on skills like her backhand, forehand, overheads, and serves.

“I love tennis,” Reames said. “The thrill I get from playing in matches with my friends is like no other feeling. I have met so many new friends that I am so grateful for.”

Reames hopes to one day play tennis in college to continue making memories like she is making in high school.

“Tennis matches are my favorite part of the week,” Reames said. “Tennis runs in my family, and I am so happy that I get to participate in the sport as well.”

You can watch Carli and the other members of the varsity tennis team on their road to victory on Tuesdays at 4 pm.