Strong comeback


Kylee Raney, Staff Writer

As the race starts, everyone cheering and running toward you, sophomore Braden Buegeler takes charge.

“I loved running and when I heard about the sport, I wanted to try it out,” Buegeler said.

He has run many races in the 4 years he has been in cross country.

“I like running district because it’s one lap, so it’s nice and easy.”

Buegeler, after recovering from a hip injury that had him out for well over half his season last year, came back this year and made varsity after the tremendous amount of hard work paid off.

“I was so happy to make varsity,” Buegeler said. “Last year, I was out hurt due to a hip injury. I never got to see what I could do, but this year I can finally see.”

Working hard for the team has a big impact on Buegeler.

“I push myself for my team,” Buegeler said. “I do it for my team to contribute good times and to try to get us to where we all think we should be.”

Buegeler also very much enjoys the unbreakable bonds with close friends who share the same sport.

“I love all the people on our team. We are all close and good friends. Being able to do the sport I love with close friends has made it great. We push each other and have a lot of fun together as a team.”