Change Over Chance

It’s never too late to change your ways. Take it from Senior Benjamin Jude.

Jude has been at Waxahachie his whole life and has learned a bit over the years.

“It was full of ups and downs,” Jude said. “There were good times and bad like everyone else.”

In comparison to middle school, high school comes with more responsibilities, maturity, and lots of changes. 

“High school is better than middle school,” Jude said. “It comes with more freedom, opportunities, new people, and activities. If I had to pick a favorite class it would be history because I love all the information. I also enjoyed psychology until they switched me.”

 When high school first started, it wasn’t as important to him as it was last year. 

“I wish I would have taken it more seriously and not fool around as much the first two years,” he said. “Being around unmotivating people who didn’t support me, especially ninth and tenth grade had an impact. I should have been more focused.”

Halfway through junior year, his attitude and work ethic changed for the better, and now he has a  chance of graduating earlier than those in his class. With things changing between the years, his goals continued to follow. 

“My goal is to graduate, and have everything in place when I start college,” he said. “Even though I’m ready for graduation, I’m not ready for the adult life that happens after, but I’m excited to see what the future holds. After I graduate I’m going to get a job, put in my hours to save up for college and make sure I’m financially stable, and go to UT.”

He has not done this alone, however. His proudest accomplishments have been his senior year, and it has only just started. Jude has already finished a year’s worth of work and finished three courses in the time span of only two months.

“Ms. Jones and Ms. Sigler have been my main source of help this year,” Jude said. “We all get along really well and they will do anything to help us, motivate us, and see us graduate. I am so grateful for them and everyone else who helped push me towards my goals.”