Emma Fletcher


From the moment Emma Fletcher saw the big and bold Danceworks sign, she knew she found her new home. Emma has been dancing since she was three years old, building her technical expertise, and more importantly, building lifelong friendships. 

Every Monday and Thursday for the past 14 years, Emma has spent hours and hours on many different styles of dance. “I do many different styles of dance including, ballet, pointe, lyrical, contemporary, jazz, and many more,” Emma said. 

“Dancing is something that has always been behind the scenes for me,” Emma explained. “I’ve been outwardly focused on volleyball and yearbook, but dance has been a constant source of happiness for me.”

“The best part of dancing is getting to be with friends I’ve known almost my whole life,” Emma explained. Most of the girls attending Danceworks come from a wide range of schools, from Waxahachie High, Red Oak High, Global High, or even Avalon. With that, dance class is one of the only times this group of girls can all be together. 

“Danceworks is just my home and safe space,” Emma claimed.