A Student’s Perspective of COVID-19


Danny Navarro is one student whose attitude on the school’s handling of COVID-19 should be respected. Starting out as an online student, Danny only had to come to school in-person for one class. Now finally making the switch to in-person, he is able to tell us what he thinks about the district’s approach towards COVID-19.

Recently, everyone has been obsessed with the school board’s decisions towards hybrid learning. When it comes to this matter Danny said, “the school should keep the hybrid attendance to keep fewer students in the school building.”

This is true, less students that attend school will decrease the chances of Coronavirus being contracted throughout the district. So a simple solution would be to continue hybrid learning?

According to Danny, when he attended his classes online he, “would not get work done.”

When asked about this topic, many students agree that it is harder to learn online than in-person. Therefore, the school board should discontinue hybrid attendance for the sake of the student’s ability to learn.

As for the years to come, Danny does not expect any advancements towards normality. However, there has not been any drastic changes that he has not been able to keep up with. For instance, students are asked to wear a mask almost all day when at school.

According to Danny, he does, “not mind wearing a mask all day.” When asked if he has noticed any other changes at school he said that, “it is just like normal except we all have to wear masks.” With this in mind, the steps needed to stop the spread of Coronavirus are not immense at all.

Since Danny is a first-hand witness to understanding the ins and outs of hybrid learning, his opinion could influence the decisions that the school board makes toward online learning.