Alyson Moore


Claire Laviolette, Staff Writer

Alyson Moore knew from the first time she ever raced that she wanted to be a runner. At just five years old, her parents put her in a 100-meter FunRun. After winning the race, her parents thought running might be something that she would enjoy in the future so they continued putting her in races over the years, and Alyson quickly fell in love with the sport. 

As a freshman, Alyson was devoted to the soccer team along with cross country and track. The stress of both sports became too demanding for her to be able to give both teams equal effort. Eventually, she gave up soccer to pursue cross country and track more seriously. “It was not an easy decision, but I knew that it was the best thing for me,” said Moore. “Looking back, I’m very happy with my decision.” 

Since her freshman year, Alyson’s personal records in both cross country and track have improved rapidly. Alyson’s favorite track event is the 1 mile and the 800. “My best time in the 1 mile is 5:10, and in the 800, it is a 2:26,” said Moore. 

College coaches began to notice Alyson during her sophomore year. Now that she is a senior, she has begun meeting collegiate coaches and discussing her future in running. Alyson has not made a definitive decision as to where she will further her career in running but will be signing with a university very soon. “Choosing where you want to go to college is a very heavy decision in and of itself. When you are also choosing where you want to pursue your athletic career, it makes the decision even harder,” said Moore. “I have a lot of uncertainties right now, but I have faith that it will all work out for good.”