Carolina Franco


Isabella Flores

Carolina Franco is currently a junior here at Waxahachie High School. She was a Maiden throughout her freshman year, and has been a cheerleader sophomore and junior year. She works at IHOP as a waitress on weekends, and takes some dual credit classes.

“School, work, and cheerleading can lead to a very busy schedule for me,” Carolina said.

Every Saturday and Sunday, Carolina works from early in the morning to late in the afternoon. Football games ending late during the week and long practices can lead to long nights of schoolwork for Carolina. It can be difficult having cheerleading events on the weekends, when she has work every single weekend.

“Being a cheerleader can get very busy, but it is still worth it,” Carolina said.

Being on the sidelines dancing and cheering is one of the best feelings for Carolina. She loves being under the stadium lights cheering for her team. She has taken dance classes ever since she was a little girl and still absolutely loves it. She wouldn’t trade the friends and memories she has made in cheer for the past two years for anything.