Future Pediatric Nurse, Lisa Cliver


Clayton Creech, Staff Writer

“Lisa is the kind of person who can make you smile on your bad days just by being herself,” said Carrisa Petrik, one of Lisa’s friends.

Lisa Cliver, a sophomore at Waxahachie High School, wants to be a pediatric nurse when she grows up. She first knew she wanted to be a Pediatric Nurse when she was very little.

When asked about why she wanted to be a pediatric nurse, Cliver said, “I love helping people and being around kids.”

She is currently taking medical terminology and plans to keep taking classes to prepare her for med school. Her favorite thing about medical terminology is getting to learn all about her future profession. Her least favorite thing about that class is how much there is to memorize.

“It’s overwhelming,” Cliver said.

Cliver doesn’t know where she plans to go to college, but she is interested in UTA.

“It’s local and overall a really good campus,” Cliver said when asked about why she liked UTA.