Jason Alanis


Mira Bhakta, Staff Writer

In March of 2020, Covid-19 became a major pandemic and problem to overcome. After being stuck at home for roughly six months, school was a problem for many states as they intended to reopen. Many students took the choice to study in person with masks and regulations, while others continued in online learning. For Jason Alanis, however, it was a tough choice.

 At first, Jason, a junior, was a part of the online learning community, but that quickly changed when he realized that in person was better for him academically.  

“Doing online allowed me to have more free time, however academic wise it was a struggle in my everyday life,” he said. “I wouldn’t finish the work assigned to me until late at night.”

During quarantine, he picked up a major interest in cars as he saved up for his first car in August 2020. Driving a BMW 328i, Jason spends his free time in his “shop” fixing it up and messing with the parts.

”I see my car as a never-ending project, and I just love always having something to do.”

At the beginning of high school, Jason played soccer for 2 years as the starting center back for junior varsity. He has a great love for the sport as he grew up around it constantly on the tv. It quickly became one of his favorite memories during his high school career because of the experience and how his teammates became a part of his everyday life.

 “I fell asleep on the bus after an away tournament at 8:30, and I woke up as we stopped a Chick-Fil-A and I totally was not the first one at the door,” Jason said as he recalled a memory of soccer. 

Now as a junior, he is a part of the Media Staff, Interact club, and takes dual credit classes for college. One of his main ambitions is to attend a college to finish his set degree in business.

”Overall, college is my goal at the moment,” he said. “Once I get there then that starts a whole part of my life.”

Jason Alanis wants to continue spending his last years of high school doing the best he can to prepare for his future in business while also enjoying high school life. With only two years remaining, Jason plans to drive around and find new passions one day at a time.