Hannah Foster


Hannah Foster is a girl who always likes to work behind the scenes. She says, “I have everything I want in life so why not help others with what they want in life?” She is always willing to help others and is genuinely a nice person. She’s involved in many activities that have her behind the scenes. 

Hannah is currently a junior at WHS and is one of the managers for cross country and the assistant manager for musical theatre. Being a manager for these activities requires time, effort, patience, and people skills. “Being a manager helped me gain better people skills and helped my patience with others,” she said. Being a manager now in cross country and musical theatre helps for the career she wants to pursue in the future because the requirements for being a manager are often requirements needed for teaching.

Hannah attends an education and training class, and during that class she goes to Coleman and helps teach eighth grade science there. When she graduates high school she plans on going to college and getting her masters degree in education and a minors in history. When she’s done with college she wants to become a teacher. When asked why she wanted to be a teacher, she said, “ I want to become a teacher because I want to be a positive point in people’s lives. I don’t want to teach for the money. I want to be a part of people’s lives.”  She wants to be a history teacher because she likes looking through the past; she thinks it’s interesting and exciting. 

Hannah plans on doing her best while she’s still in high school and having fun with her life. “I can’t wait to go to college and pursue the life I’ve always dreamed of having!”