Help Robert Fight


On October 1st, Robert Rodriguez, a 35 year-old teacher at Waxahachie High School, suffered a tragic accident that happened near Shields Elementary School on Ovilla Road, near Hampton Road. Rodriguez is loved by all his students. Throughout the years, he has been recognized for how hard he pushes his students to try their best and always puts his students before himself.

“He would always push his students, whether you liked him or not. He always wanted the best for his students,” said Benjamin Gasca, a junior.

Rodriguez never fails to try to make sure that each and every single one of his students are comfortable in his classroom. Sophomore Paola Ortiz said, “He would always make us laugh, and he would always have a big smile on his face.”

Additionally, Rodriguez is known for lifting his students up and inspiring them to do their best. “Mr.Rodriguez always believed in me whenever no one else did,” said Asa Condor, a sophomore.

“He would always let my friends, Oliver, Justin, and Abby, and I into his room during Tribe Time, and we’d play Uno. We would just talk and play music off his computer when he wasn’t paying attention,” Junior Alyssa Bonnette said.

Many students, including ones who have never set foot into a classroom with Rodriguez, are pushing for his swift and full recovery. All of WHS is feeling the weight of his absence.

“I personally didn’t know Mr.Rodriguez, but I’ve heard so many good things about him- about how much he loved and cared for his students. I hope you get well soon!”

— Jacob Zavala

Karen Rodriguez, a sophomore, said, “Mr.Rodriguez, I hope you get better soon because you pushed me to do better with myself, and you’re just such an understanding and kind person with a really big heart. You’ll get back to doing what you love soon, and I hope you get a fast recovery!”

“I’ve heard so many good things about you. However, I never personally knew who you were, but all the good and positive things people all over the school are saying about you are amazing. I hope you get well soon and get back to teaching,” said Dayana Martinez, a sophomore.

Mr.Rodriguez has been an extreme fighter since the accident has happened. You can help the family by donating at Venmo: @helprobertfight.

Donations such as gift cards, well wishes, etc. for him and his family can be dropped off in the library.