Amiyah Carter


Rylee Pittman, Staff Writer

Amiyah Carter knew from the first time she stepped on the soccer field at three years old that it would be the most important thing she would ever love. Amiyah, now a sophomore on varsity at WHS, has continued her career.

“My mom being my biggest inspiration has impacted me a lot; she pushes me to work harder and keep going,” Amiyah said. Amiyah’s Mom has been her number one supporter since birth. Amiyah has always wanted to be a professional soccer player for the Women’s USA team.

“Crystal Dunn inspires me because even though she is super short like I am, she is still a feisty woman on the field. She reminds me that even though I may be the shortest, I will have the biggest heart on the field,” Amiyah explains. Growing up, Amiyah knew that even though she might be the smallest, she has the biggest heart on the field which is one of the reasons why she continues to push for her passion.

Amiyah being on varsity helps inspire a lot of younger players that one day they can start or be just like her, with the faith and positive mindset to keep pushing, be you, and do it for yourself. Amiyah’s goal is to play soccer at her dream college, TCU, and live her soccer dream. Hopefully, Amiyah achieves her dream of one day being a professional soccer player.