Jayden Becks


Kylee Hardeman, Staff Writer

Jayden Becks is a sophomore at Waxahachie High School. Jayden’s biggest strengths are school and football. He said he likes math the best because that is the “only thing we will need after we graduate.”

Jayden has played football since he was 5 years old. On the football team, he plays running back.

“Playing running back is fun because I get the ball a lot,” he said. He has also played safety.

His football role model is J.K. Dobbins, the second-round pick for the Baltimore Ravens. He likes him because he is “good and has had to grind his whole life.”

He gets his motivation from Lil Baby. Jayden said, “His flow is terrific.”

Jayden’s biggest fear is not knowing when he’s going to die, and he also doesn’t like it when people lie to him.

Jayden hopes to have a career in the NFL, but if that does not work out he wants to be a coach.