Macey’s Cosmetology Journey


Alana Saunders, Staff Writer

Macey’s dream to continue cosmetology outside of high school is coming closer as graduation is near.

Macey has been a part of cosmetology since her sophomore year of high school.

“My favorite thing about cosmetology is probably coloring our mannequins hair because we get free range to do whatever we want, and we’re also able to be as creative as we like,” Macey said as she was giving a balayage to her mannequin.

When Macey first started cosmetology, she was really excited to start learning new things in the beauty world. 

“I am planning to pursue cosmetology after high school while I go to college to get certified as a registered nurse,” Macey said 

Saddened that her childhood is over, Macey is also happy that she has made a lot of new friends and memories throughout her high school life.