Chase Warden


Zoe James

Chase Warden moved to Texas a few years ago from Wichita, Kansas with his family. This is his last year in high school, and he is spending most of his time outside of school working on his cars. He has a Jeep Patriot and three Miatas.

Currently, he is focusing on one of his Miatas, replacing the engine and repainting it. The car is approximately three inches above the ground, without the weight of the engine inside. The car itself is a nice car. The steering wheel is detachable, it has a convertible top, and is red. He also is completely replacing the transmission. He is hopeful that within these next few weeks, he will be finished with the car and it will be good enough to drive.

His passion for cars came from his parents, who also love cars and working on them. He bonded with his dad a lot by working on cars. Even though most women do not enjoy working on motor vehicles, his mom is one of those that does. Being around them when they all talk about cars makes you feel ignorant because they can name almost any car from any year just with a glimpse of the front.