Cheerleader through thick and thin


Looking through that chain-link fence at Lumpkins Stadium, Katie Sias knew, at a very young age, that she wanted to be right where those girls stood on the sideline. It was not just the glittery makeup and red lipstick that caught her eye; it was the crazy, high flying flips and huge smiles that piqued her interest and put her on the path to reach where she is now. Her journey started as a school cheerleader as a young girl.  

Along the way, Sias has definitely faced her share of heartbreak and injury, but those injuries and surgeries that followed never stopped her determination to do the thing that she loved: cheer.

In the sixth grade, Sias had a small accident while tumbling, which was initially thought to be a minor injury causing mild pain and discomfort, until she noticed that her knee was very swollen and, as Sias said, “three times the size of the other one.”  It was after this injury that she began wearing a knee brace for comfort and possible correction.

From sixth to eighth grade, Sias spent her time cheerleading and playing volleyball and basketball. Up until the first semester of freshman year, Sias noticed that her knee pain would come and go. Still, she continued to push through, thinking it would eventually resolve on its own. However, during her freshman year of cheerleading, she would gain knowledge that her tumbling accident in sixth grade, and constant work after the injury actually destroyed her ACL and meniscus.

Sias had a corrective surgery to help rebuild the meniscus and ACL. The surgery went smoothly, but the real problem was the aftercare. Again, with a never give up attitude, she attempted to push through obstacles in order to continue to compete in the sport she loved. Sadly, all the physical therapy and medications took a toll on her lifestyle and overall confidence with her performance, ultimately ending her involvement and participation on the competitive cheer team. 

After losing one team, Sias knew that she could not lose the rest of her years as a WHS cheerleader. Fighting, working, and practicing harder than ever, Sias managed to be the JV cheerleading captain her Sophomore year and be on the WHS Varsity Cheer team her Junior and Senior years of High School.