Sophomore QB prepares to lead Indians into district


Lily Sanchez, Staff Writer

 Moving during high school can be challenging, but for sophomore quarterback Roderick Hartsfield (Rod), it was worth it because it provided him with greater opportunities.

“I really just want to help the program out and win; I know we haven’t really been winning lately, but we’re gonna turn that around,” Rod said. He has high hopes for the future of himself and his teammates.

“In five years I see myself in a big division one college making my mama proud, making this school proud,” Rod said. “In ten years I see myself in the league doing what I do best.” Despite his ambitious dreams, Rod is so much more than an athlete.

“I definitely love my mama more than anything in the world, my dad, and my family. It’s what they do for me, they do everything,” he said. “My dad inspires me. He gets up every day, early in the morning, goes to work, feeds us.”

As Hartsfield prepares to start his first game as an Indian, he appears to have a bright future ahead of him, on and off the field. 

“I think a lot about how I can execute and make myself a better person,” he said.