Triple Threat


Learning an instrument takes a whole lot of time and dedication. It takes time to figure out the notes and pitches, the fingerings and embouchure, the keys and scales. Most people take years to perfect just one instrument, but sophomore Clara Moriarty has picked up and quite mastered at least three different instruments. 

“I’ve always had a passion for music and band, but I never imagined I would be playing 3 different instruments in high school,” Moriarty said. “All three of the instruments I play are in completely different keys, so I had to learn new scales each time.”

The saxophone and English horn are two instruments Clara had to recently learn, but the oboe is her original instrument.

“Clara’s been playing oboe since 6th grade, and she’s loved it,” Clara’s mom said. “She was naturally good at it and I can proudly say she’s always been one of the best players.” 

Clara is in the top band at the high school and has made region with oboe all throughout middle school and made area her freshman year. 

“She’s some tough competition,” sophomore Leah Gonzalez said. “The Wind Ensemble oboes are super close but are always going head to head.” 

During the marching season, Moriarty plays saxophone, but during concert season she brings out the oboe and English horn. 

“My favorite instrument to play is the saxophone,” Moriarty said. “It’s the easiest to play.” 

Although Clara enjoys playing the saxophone, she hopes to make all-state from this year forward on her beloved oboe. 

“With her hard work and dedication, she is destined to make it,” Leah Gonzalez said. “She’s one of the most hardworking and successful students in the band for sure.”