All About Mrs.Leonhardt


Melissa Herd, staff writer

Mrs. Leonhardt was born in Guyana. She is Indian, and she lived in South America till she was ten. Then, she moved to New York with her family. In New York, she graduated from both high school and college. She went to college for a total of six years in order to become a counselor.

When asked who or what inspired her to become who she is today, Mrs. Leonhardt said, “My parents. They are my role model of course because they are hard-working, and when they moved here, they started from scratch and started brand new. The person who inspired me to become a counselor was my very own counselor because I watched her impact my life and others too, and I wanted to do the same she did. I feel like everybody needs someone like that to impact their lives, to better them, and help cope with struggles, so I wanted to be that person and help others.”

After all the hard work she put in to accomplish her goals to become a counselor, she finally did it. Now, she is 12 years into being a counselor.

Mrs. Leonhardt said connecting and earning trust from students is the best thing she does being a counselor. She said it makes her feel like a better person when she helps others to be better.

She has been married for 21 years now, and she met her husband during her junior year of college. She has two boys with her husband, and her husband was also a marine when they first got married. They have lived in Texas for 12 years now, and before living in Texas, she lived in four other states.

Mrs. Leonhardt said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” She said it is meaningful because if people want there to be good in the world, then they need to be the good.