Junior earns money by Buying and Reselling Shoes


Benjamin Gasca, Staff Writer

Junior Keldrine Wade discovered the world of reselling rare sneakers last year and has gone on to make a significant amount of money doing so as a teenager. He sells shoes like Yeezys and Nike Air Jordans.

“I am just over a year into reselling now, and I have built up plenty of knowledge of how to cop sneakers for retail,” Wade said. “I expect this business to continue, grow, and flourish to even higher levels this year, and in the many years to come. I have plenty of tips for newcomers to cop on their first try – tips that I wish I had when I first began.”

“Last year, I knew absolutely nothing about the world of sneaker reselling. Now, I’ve made thousands doing so, and would like to take you through my story,” he said. At the beginning of last year in 2019, Keldrine only had one pair of sneakers: a pair of Air Max 95s which were his first ‘nice’ sneakers. “I loved their look and comfort, and when I bought them, I knew it wouldn’t be the last time I would purchase expensive sneakers,” he said.

Keldrine first heard of Yeezys when the original V1s released in Pirate Black, back in August of 2015. “I didn’t have any knowledge about how to cop them, and funnily enough, for the following years, I incorrectly thought they retailed for the $800 resell price.”

“Since the initial discovery, I followed the price, but out of fear of the unknown and incorrect knowledge, I never tried to buy at the retail price.”

The first time Keldrine tried to cop Yeezys to resell was in February 2017: the first Zebra 350 V2 release. He said he was in love with these sneakers at first sight. “I looked up all of the resources on how to cop Yeezys for resell, and I woke up early on Saturday to try and cop them. I got so close on that day. I got cartjacked on Yeezy Supply, but I never got past splash on Adidas. I realized that I had a chance to cop Yeezys for retail next time after this release.

Fast forward to 2020, Wade has made thousands of dollars selling rare sneakers to people around Texas. “As a tribute to what got me started, I have kept one pair of Yeezy’s: the Zebras, which were the sneakers that got me into reselling. Some of my most memorable moments reselling include selling 2 pairs of Yeezys – Semi Frozen Yellow and Beluga 2.0 – for $1200 which is my biggest sale to date. Some of my other highlights include copping the Wave Runners on their first release and copping the Off White Vapormax just by knowing where to look and acting on time!”

“Be smart and always believe in yourself,” Wade said. “You can do anything you put your mind into; just believe.”