Alyssa Nunez


Online learning can be very boring for a lot of students, especially seniors since it is their last year in high school. 

Senior, Alyssa Nunez, actually preferred online learning. Her favorite thing about it was being able to sleep in as late a she wanted and doing her work on her own time. Her typical day consisted of sleeping in, doing her work, helping her brother with his work, and then going on about her day. 

The hardest part about online was that the teachers were not really consistent with posting classwork. Even though teachers made it difficult for Nunez to learn online, she would rather do that than face-to-face learning.

Unfortunately online was not working out for her, and she made the decision to come back to school after seven long months of being away from her peers and teachers. She was a little nervous, but the most abrupt change she had to adapt to was wearing a mask the entire school day, something she did not picture at all.

Coming back to school was a big change, but Nunez is doing well in all of her classes, including her hardest one, English four. 

“It’s not harder than junior year, but it’s definitely different,” says Nunez. Now that she is back for face-to-face classes, she is having an easier time completing assignments, and she is on the road to becoming a teacher after she graduates high school this year.