Alex Martin


Ally Henley, Staff Writer

Junior Alex Martin works in the food industry and has played soccer since she was three years old. To this day, she still gets butterflies right before a big game, walking on that turf field.

She has done all this with the support of her mother. Martin said, “My mom is my biggest supporter.”

Martin has played soccer for Waxahachie high school for the past three years and plans to play her senior year too! She has two siblings, one brother and one sister. She is the youngest out of the three of them.

Martin has excelled in all of her AP classes, and she asspires to become become a nurse after she graduates. Although Alex has had to grow up fast, she has made the best out of it. 

Liv Epps, her best friend said, “I love that girl to death, she the best person I know.”

With that being said Alex said, “I hope to have big things in my life.”