Job Glow Up In The Midst Of A Pandemic


Nancy Duarte, Staff Writer

Celia Gonzalez, a working student since she was 15 years old, would have never imagined that she would get hired to work at the renowned H-E-B in town! Celia worked at Dairy Queen from May of 2019 to July of 2020 when she decided to apply to Target and H-E-B. Once she heard back from H-E-B, she realized this was a job opportunity she could not pass up.

“The first position we learn while training is bagging, and honestly, it’s a lot to process and adapt to since H-E-B is always busy, no matter the day. The company welcomes you with big arms and ensures that, as an employee, you’re treated just as well as their customers and partners are. We’re trained to make sure that we greet every customer and assist them with anything so they love their experience,” said Gonalez.

Not only does H-E-B offer a stellar starting wage, but the company also offers benefits, scholarships, opportunities to invest in their stocks. They even have partner appreciation week where employees receive compensation in various methods such as bonuses, free shirts, and socks, and barbecues!

Compared to Dairy Queen, it is 100-times better because the fast-food industry is draining and the environment in the workplace is toxic, according to Gonzalez.

Everything is better at H-E-B, take my word for it, and pay us a visit!

— Celia Gonzalez