Spooky Season

Spooky Season

Karen Rodriguez

October 31st is one of children’s favorite holidays. Halloween is the one day of the year when you can dress up as anything you want to be. Something you always wanted to share with the world or just with family and friends.

It is October, it is starting to get colder, and Halloween is coming right around the corner. Young children are having contests in their schools on who has the best costumes. Some are princesses, marvels characters, future occupations, etc. You can see their excitement on this holiday for them. They get candy snacks and hang out with their friends. Some kids even throw parties to celebrate this special holiday.

One thing that teens do or just people in general is making spooky baskets for their friends or family. Spooky baskets are usually filled with treats, maybe some clothes, and honestly, whatever that person likes in a Halloween kind of vibe. The spooky baskets are a big part of this generation because they are so thoughtful and come from the heart. They make the person feel special when you give it to them.

Spooky season is just a great season and holiday to spend with your family. A scary movie night, group costumes, and wandering around the neighborhood for candy are all events that are better in the company of loving family members on Halloween night.