A Day in Life at Bahama Bucks


Opening during the summer of quarantine, Bahama Bucks has been a hand-out spot for many high school students. With a majority of the workers attending WHS, many of them say that they have a blast working there! But what really goes on in that snow cone building that these workers love so much?

Payton Acker, a junior at the high school, said that working at Bahama Bucks has, “been an experience she won’t ever forget.” 

Acker has been working there since the establishment opened. Her work schedule is easy and manageable, which is essential for Acker. She has multiple other commitments such as school, Student Council, and FFA. 

“My schedule is hectic and can get tiring, but I wouldn’t change it for anything else because it’s shown me how to manage my time better,” Acker said. 

During the weekends, Bahama Bucks lights up with customers, and it leaves everyone working there to be running around completing customers’ orders as fast and efficiently as possible. As the crowd slows down, it gets closer to closing time. 

“My least favorite part is when we close because we have to clean everything- from the snow cone machine, to the tables and chairs, and to the floors,” she said, “but the weekdays are usually the least busy, so it’s calmer.”

Acker’s favorite part about working here was interacting with the customers and making new relationships with her co-workers.

“Sometimes, we would have snowball fights inside, and when it comes to talking to the customers I normally ask them how their day has been which brings a smile to both of our faces,” Acker said. 

Working at the new snow cone building has been an experience for Acker that she will always cherish. 

“Working there has been a blast,” Acker said, “I made so many new friends and it had to have been my favorite spot to work at.”