Gabriel Esquivel


Junior Gabriel Esquivel has known he has wanted to play football since he was a kid. Ever since he watched his first game, he knew he had to do what those football players do. Esquivel has been in the football program since seventh grade. Even though football may seem like a dream, it comes with a lot of hardships.

In all of the years Esquivel has been playing, he has received two concussions- one in his freshman year and one during his sophomore year. Additionally, in eighth grade, Esquivel had to have surgery on both of his legs, which temporarily took him out of the game. Even with that major setback, he decided to still keep playing.

Esquivel is currently in junior varsity but has had his fair share of accomplishments. One of his more major accomplishments was getting a sack. In football, a sack is when you tackle the other team’s quarterback.

“It’s always fun, but it can be hard at times. No matter the struggle, I’ll never stop playing,” Esquivel says. Esquivel plans to keep playing football until he is a senior. After high school, he hopes to pursue a professional football career.