Joseph Lankford


William Lockhart, staff writer

Joseph Camron Lankford, better known as Joe, is a passionate football player. He wears his heart on his sleeve on the football field. His passion for the game started when he was only four years old, playing pop warner for the Jacksonville Storm. His ultimate dream is to play in the NFL.

In order for him to achieve his lofty aspirations, he knows he has to outwork anyone and everything, and he is up for the challenge. He knows he has obstacles to overcome. For example, he has to make sure his grades are always a priority, even with all the practices and late-night road games. He still has to keep his mind on school.

There are colleges already looking at this special junior tight end. Lankford’s close family friend, Isaiah Wharton currently plays in the National Football League. He is also helping and sharing his knowledge with Lankford.

Right now, he plays for Waxahachie High school and is working every day to be the best possible player he can be. Once he graduates, he hopes to go to the University of Texas to continue his aspirations of going to the NFL.