Junior’s goals for cross country


Alyssa Bonnette, Staff Writer

Most people would not think that running miles and miles at six in the morning would be fun, but for Junior Dakoda Moreno, it is how he enjoys starting his day. Dakoda has been running cross country for 4 years.

Moreno loves cross country. “I like racing, and I like the competition, really,” he said.

Moreno has been involved in sports for eleven years, but so far, cross country has been his favorite that he has participated in. He wants to be the best that has ever done it.

 When asked what music he listens to before a race, the answers are a little shocking because he does not listen to music to hype him up.

Moreno said, “I actually listen to R&B to relax, I learned in boxing that having a level head is better than being hyped up.” 

This season, his best time has been 17:24 for a 5k, but he is trying every day to improve to get an even better time. Just like every athlete, he is always working to improve himself for the chance to possibly get a scholarship to a college. He wants to go to college and run cross country there.

“I plan on going to college, and yes, cross country will be there for me.”

He would love to go to Oregon state and run for them.