Halloween for a Sophomore in 2020


This year’s Halloween, for me, was fun even though not a lot of people wanted to give out candy because of COVID-19.

My family and I all got dressed up, regardless of the lack of free candy. My mom wore my brother’s scary bear mask, my dad wore a country look (even if that is the way he dresses every day), my brother did not go as anything but came with us, my little cousin was a little devil (she was very adorable), my other cousin wore a bear costume, my aunt wore some purge makeup, and my uncle wore his Whataburger uniform. I was a vampire with the fanged teeth, fake blood, and makeup too.

We all went to the neighborhood behind the Academy and spent two and a half hours going door to door for candy. We did not get a lot of candy in that neighborhood, so we went to my neighborhood and got more. After that, we were all tired and decided to go home. My two cousins were hyper from eating some of their candy, so I had to stay up with them until they fell asleep. Next Halloween, we are all hoping to get more candy and to be able to go out without our masks on.