Boys’ Soccer is ready to begin


Landon Gilmore, Staff Writer

With the soccer season coming up soon in December, the boys are looking pretty strong this year. Varsity Coach Seth Riley has the boys practicing hard every day with workouts like cone drills, transition, shooting, and extra time in the weight room. Since last year’s season was canceled because of covid-19, the boys are ready to start what they never got to finish.

The boys have a new district filled with great teams like Duncanville, Waco, and Mansfield High. The new teams do not put any fear into their eyes because they are ready to take on any opponent with no hesitation. The goal this year for the boys is to make it to play-offs and work their way up to the top. In January, they will be having tournaments in San Antonio to get them well prepared for the season.

Center back Clyde Melick said, “I hope we make the best of this year and see how far we go with covid in the way.”

Coach Riley said, “I hope we get all our games in and see the boys win games to get to the top.”

Riley is a great leader and has the boys well prepared for the season. The coaches and players are excited about the season, and can not wait to see how the boys work together on the field.