Faith Powers


Grace Whiteley, staff writer

Faith Powers is a sophomore at WHS. Powers is a photographer for the yearbook staff, and she even goes to football games to get amazing shots of football players. Powers loves football, and she was even on the football team in middle school. However, she did not join the high school football program.

Powers is very outgoing and loves to be the talk of the party, but she would rather stay inside instead of going out. Powers makes everyone laugh, and there is never a dull moment when she is around.

Powers puts others before herself, making others feel good before focusing on herself. Powers loves to be positive, but sometimes she does get a little out of control. Powers is a very trustworthy person to be around; she never spills anyone’s secrets.

There has never been a time where Powers wanted to do something and never did it, because she always does whatever her heart is set on, no matter what comes up. She has dreams that she wants to achieve in the future.