No more basketball games for the Charmers


Due to COVID-19, the Cherokee Charmers and the WHS Cheer team will not able to attend any basketball games this year. Since the gsmes will be indoors, limited capacity rules will be enforced. This will cause the Cheer team’s season to be cut short. Luckily for the Charmers, they will still have their competition season, spring trip, and annual spring show.

Basketball season for the Charmers is practice for competitions. It’s an opportunity to perform on a gym floor without the pressure of the judges. “I have plans for ways that the girls can still perform the competition routines before the real deal,” Wilcox said. 

Mrs. Erica Pointer-Wilcox, the Charmer Director, works tirelessly to make sure the girls have a memorable season and still get to perform for the community. “I’m very sad that this year is going the way that it is,” Wilcox said. “I know that the girls really wish that they could be performing so I’m doing my best to give them as many performance opportunities as possible.”

The Charmers plan to perform at the second annual Winter Extravaganza in December, as well as at Chick-Fil-A.

“I really hate that my senior year is getting canceled,” Captain Ellinor Bearden said, “but I’m thankful that we are still able to be together as a team and perform.”

The Charmers are staying positive during these tough times and know that we can all get through this pandemic together.