New senior QB brings Indians to playoffs


The Indians are on a four-game winning streak due in large part to the stellar play of senior Brandon Hawkins.

Brandon, or BJ as he’s widely known, moved to quarterback from wide receiver for the Lake Ridge game and the team has been winning ever since.

 “I want to help the team win,” BJ said. “But I still like receiver better.”

Hawkins has a promising future as a receiver. He led district 11-6A with 1110 yards and 14 touchdowns last season. He was then named first-team slot receiver in December. This year, because of changes at quarterback and tough defenses, Hawkins’ yards were down. With a 1-4 record at the time, the coaches decided to move Hawkins to the quarterback position. Now the Indians are playoff-bound.

“My thing is once you get to the playoffs, you do whatever it takes,” he said. “You’ve got to lay everything on the line.” 

Hawkins lives up to his word as he trains and diets for the upcoming games. But this is nothing new to him. Football has followed BJ through his past, and if all goes well, the sport will hold a prominent place in his future. 

“I have been playing football since I was 6 years old,” he said. “Hopefully in five years I will be in the NFL.” 

Despite Hawkins’ athletic ambitions, he also holds a solid post-football plan.

“I’m studying business in college,” he said. “My dream job is the NFL, but I’m also interested in doing real estate.”

BJ has never struggled on the football field, but there are still areas in his life he wishes he could improve. 

“I’m kind of quiet,” he said. “Sometimes I have to step up, sometimes I just don’t want to say something to somebody, but I really need to.” 

Nevertheless, Hawkin’s positive attributes outweigh any negative qualities he might feel he carries. 

“I’m a good-hearted person and a lot of people trust me,” he said. 

             On and off the turf, BJ lacks little. As he laces up his cleats for practice and games, he keeps his mind on his promising future, and excelling in what he loves more than life. 

            “I’m encouraged seeing my team happy,” Hawkins said. ”Running, scoring touchdowns, that’s what I love.”