The show must go on

Theater teacher makes adjustment in uncertain times


Ryan Mullican is a theater director at WHS. Mullican has been educating students for 19 years, five years in Arlington and 14 years in Waxahachie.

“Theater was the only thing I was interested in, in high school. In fact, I have always loved theater ever since I landed a role in our UIL production,” said Mullican.

Mullican has always favorited the productions of WHS as well as local departments.

I highly praise all of our productions, although, my favorite production that I have ever directed is ‘Just A Matter Of Time.’

— Ryan Mullican

Mullican recently put on the comedy Dearly Departed just last week. This production was offered to the public for a course of six days, Monday to Saturday. Although the production was assumed as normal for four days, the district and the fine arts board issued multiple restrictions for the following two days.

The restrictions were very saddening for the directors, crew members, and the cast members and their families. These restrictions included no open concessions, a limit of tickets- four per cast member, a non-costume meet and greet with the actors, and the turning away of many students, parents, and families.

“I was kind of upset because I had two performances, so it was hard because I didn’t have enough time to have that many people see me,” said Becca Culver.

“At first it was concerning because the show was a comedy, so it really depends on a good audience,” said Morgan Lenamond. “We were scared that with a small audience that the energy wouldn’t be as good. But the audiences, even though they were smaller, still laughed a lot and were interactive with the show, so it worked out fine because the audiences were really good.”