Sport Vests


The Lady Indian soccer program has been given new smart vests to wear during practice. These vests track player’s top speed and where they run on the field. Whether it be jogging, walking, or sprinting, they can record all of it.  These vests know precisely how accurate the players are, how many tackles and falls they make in a practice.

The vests are a new addition to the sports programs at WHS, and the soccer girls only have 11 of them. They wear them on the top of their sports bra with a chip that goes in on the back of it in a little pocket. The vets are very durable. They can take hard hits, rolls, and even sweat.

These vests are not only used for soccer, but they are also becoming commonplace during the football and baseball teams’ practices. 

Soccer player Abby says, “I think it’s pretty cool to have a device that can show us how well and hard we work.”