Why school should be canceled

Why school should be canceled

Dakota Johnson, Staff writer

School should be canceled for many reasons.

One of those reasons is that school makes kids too stressed on a daily basis. Kids are too young to be having all this stress, and it is only building more and more every day. Most kids also get overwhelmed by all the work teachers give out. It feels to the students that the teachers think that it is not their problem if their students are failing. If students truly wanted to learn something, they should just do the research on the topic.

If a kid wanted to only be knowledgeable about cars, then that kid should not have to attend an English, history, or art class. That kid should just be able to look up what he needs to know about cars. That kid would not be so overwhelmed with all their work if all he or she was learning was what they wanted to and at their own pace.

Most kids this year have not even learned much anyways. They have only learned more ways to cheat on assignments. Most of the students have learned more on TikTok than they have learned actually at school.

School is essentially a waste of time for kids, and it is not getting them very far in life. Students will not need most of the information they are taught in school in the real world. Kids will probably use common sense or something they learned along the way of life to get by. Therefore, school should be canceled to save students time and all the mental stress, anxiety, and even depression that comes along with going to class every day.