2022 County Pig Show


Grace Whiteley, Staff Writer

On November 13, 2021, I got to get my first pig. It was my first year showing a pig. I couldnt of done it better, when I first put her in the barn she was scared, but I warmed her up and made her comfortable in the place she was at so it could be like home to her. Once a week, I went by and she got used to the place, so I took her around the barn for a walk and she liked it. However, when I tried to take her to the wash rack a week later, she freaked out so I took her back to her pin and called it a day. Two weeks later, she got used to her environment and let me take her to the wash rack and walk her around the arena. I named her Malibu and she was a list pink with dark and light spots. At my first show, I got fifth out of seven people then County Show came, and I had 14 people in my class and I got 11th place, which wasn’t bad but it was because I didn’t make sale I would have to send her to the slaughter truck or find my own buyer. I sold my pig to a private buyer who sold her to the slaughter house. I can’t wait for next year to see how my 2023 pig season goes. My 2022 pig season was a success and had a lot of memories built into the experience and a lot of friends made. I would rate my pig season a 10/10.