Waxahachie looks for success with a new head coach


After many years, the Lady Indians softball team is under new leadership. Coach Ariel Raney has taken over to start this season.

Many were excited that Coach Raney became head coach and was thrilled to see what she was bringing to the table.

“I think Coach Raney is bringing something new and positive into our program, and also bringing a more tough but fun way to get things done,” said Darbie Richard.

The Lady Indians’ goals this year are to play for each other and always have that “one more” attitude throughout the season and off-season. As well as making it past the first round of playoffs and having success as a team.

“We have a true off-season now and we have more team leaders than we did last year, everyone is getting along and we will have a great team with what everyone is bringing to the table,” said Brooklynn Warrix.

“One specific thing I wish for the upcoming seasons for the Lady Indians is growth. I want this program to succeed, and everyone involved in the program knows the true meaning of hard work, and teamwork, and has lifelong memories. ” said coach Raney. “Growth as athletes, but also growth as human beings.”